Talking Filming

Yes, I am looking at developing a short film. This would be a documentary. In the partial working draft of the script, I have written:

The Internet, at its core, has many assumptions. It assumes that connections will not be disrupted. It assumes a constant supply of electricity. Lately it assumes constant uptime and a lack of disruption.

Have we made something fragile that we depend on too much? Can we engineer around this in a world where maintaining infrastructure is seen increasingly as less than necessary? Where will we stand if we have a significant lose of Internet operations?

There are no models for this yet. There need to be.

The film is expected to look at one incident in the Pacific from earlier this year. It will be based off news coverage that primarily originated from Radio New Zealand. Sometimes stories from smaller parts of this planet we share highlight problems that can escalate and cause problems for us all.

I unsure if this will be the acme of consideration of the situation. Actual production output will have to be created before I finally get to upload to FilmFreeway. There are many festivals to try to submit a short film for consideration. The specific special target is the Dam Short Film Festival but other opportunities will be considered.

I intend to have other efforts beyond this project. This is intended, though, to be a major work during 2019. However this may generate commercial leads to further the business.

One thing that is easily forgotten is that this platform allows for podcasting of a sort. That may factor into film-making. Time will tell if I can manage that.

The current tasks list includes:

  • Finish scripting
  • Storyboard
  • Find a narrator
  • Select visuals
  • Find a good shooting location
  • Get legal assistance to clear matters up
  • Conduct filming
  • Edit the film down to something running ten minutes or less
  • Submit to festivals

There is still much to do.

Integrating Changes

You know it is bad when I look for the directions on re-pointing my entry on Planet Ubuntu and instead first find things about liberation movements and investment clubs. I finally found a nice domain name to stick my blog behind. After consideration and tinkering with quite a bit of software my blog is migrated over to ikiwiki, of all things. Looking through the configuration file still shows me a bit of a graveyard of neglected blogs from yesteryear including things like Alan Pope's blog found at

Not all of my prior blog posts have migrated all that well. The intermediate waypoint with chronicle was not a smooth stop. I will go with what I have, though.

Currently my laptop is running Xubuntu 19.04 without too many incidents. I have two droplets on Digital Ocean running with one on the LTS and one running 19.04. My main Raspberry Pi, a 3B+, is running Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2. I'm hanging out in the Ubuntu Podcast chatter on Telegram lately even though my contributions overall to the Ubuntu realm have been down. With work being utter chaos and my being increasingly senior due to increasing attrition I'm finding I can't quite avoid responsibility lately.

I've written a post entitled Talking Filming which discusses an off-hours project I am working on. Eventually I need to get financial backing, form an LLP, and leave my day job as a civil servant. That is a matter to discuss more fully at another time, though.

As to An Introduction to C & GUI Programming, I am apparently the only person shown on LibraryThing owning a copy currently. I need to spend the time to read and apply the text. That is another off-hours project I need to get to.

For those who recall the madness related to my job at the beginning of the year, I can only say that it has not abated. We are on track for another catastrophe in due time. The only question is if it will be another lapse in appropriations as of the end of the day on September 30th or a "debt limit" crisis shortly before that.

Tomorrow is a new day, thankfully.

Repeating A Statement

The following statement is made in "the other place":

And now it is time for a May 2019 update!

We have made updates to our main website:

The short film project we have been discussing but have not fully gotten underway has been laid out further in a blog post here:

We are very happy to have our business account open with First Commonwealth Bank who you can find here:

The main blog where our Head Writer can be found is known as "Coyote Works" and can be found at

Copies of the working bibliography file where we keep citation notes can be found on Github here:

Podcasts that our Head Writer listens to that you might check out can be found here:

We haven't made any decisions about returning to podcast production yet. Currently there are multiple matters blocking such a move. If we do proceed with that, we may host the effort on "Coyote Works" or another domain. Stay tuned for updates.

Currently we are seeking capital investment and partners. We are also seeking a business manager to help move matters forward. There is much to grow and not enough time for the current crew to tend to making that growth happen.

More is planned for a great Summer 2019!

So ends the statement. Posting to Facebook is something that continues to be expected in the current economy. This blog should still come first, though.

Registered with the Ohio SBDC

An application for business counseling was entered with the nearest Ohio Small Business Development Center network location. Primarily this was for the purposes of seeking counsel and advice on seeking capital. Capital is desperately needed to get things off the ground sufficiently so that I can abandon my regular wage-paid job. Although there is a Liberapay profile set up at that has not brought in anything at this time. Conceivably things could be set up on PayPal but that takes time to re-compute.

I fiddled today with trying to figure out how to do podcasting with ikiwiki. It seems a bit more complicated than I like. This requires further research. CacheFly has podcasting CDN services available that are a wee bit of overkill. LibSyn has a USD$5 monthly deal to start with too. I suppose I could spin up Yet Another Droplet too. There is still a wee bit much to consider on that front.

End of Week Links

This isn't the most efficient method of archiving links but it will do for now...

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Briefly As To Broadband

I frequently am not amused with the Quality of Service provided by Charter Spectrum. The National Broadband Map is not up to date so I may be missing out on any viable alternatives in my local area. Of course, then again, is it the NTIA hosting the map or is it actually a data product hosted by the FCC? That's a spot of bother as these things changes hands over time. The data from the FCC shows a bleak map in late 2017 as to provider options in Ashtabula which contrasts a bit with Boulder City, Nevada. Of course, American Samoa has no broadband. John Ringo would be pleased that Edisto Island is at least served by somebody.

Don't get me started on the definition of Broadband Radio Service and how the Commission's Rules (the Federal Communications Commissions, that is) do provide a means for licensing a tremendous fixed mesh network...

A Not So Fun Weekend

It has not been the easiest of weekends this weekend. The leased combo modem/wireless hotspot from the cable company kept dying on me. After the third call, I went to the store to buy my own. It seems to be working far better now. The leased equipment was on its third iteration after multiple service calls.

As not pictured above, I had to visit the emergency room at Ashtabula County Medical Center. I learned the hard way that I have a new drug allergy. This humbles me and reminds me that I am not Superman but rather am easily breakable. I'm still not 100%.

I look forward to following up with primary care Monday morning.

A call to raise capital for Erie Looking Productions seems ever more important now. For those wanting to consider things on a steadier pace, please consult options listed here.

The Coming Cyber War

There has been plenty of drama and literature about how a so-called "Cyber War" may begin. The author Dan Brown, more famous for his tales about Robert Langdon such as Da Vinci Code, even spun a yarn back in 1998 entitled Digital Fortress which you can find at your local library perhaps. To understand what is happening we first need to build a chronology.

Facebook is a company based in the United States of America and that detail of location is key to this plot. Since the Internet has a global reach legislators from countries beyond the United States of America have wanted to question Mr. Zuckerberg himself. After ducking their calls, initially members of a committee from the UK House of Commons came across the ocean to grill Zuckerberg in Washington. Members of the Digital, Culture, Media, Sport Committee were investigating Russian interference in elections at the time. That testimony took place in February 2018. We can then fast forward to Zuckerberg facing multiple hearings before committees of the US House of Representatives and US Senate in April 2018. Again, members of those committees were asking questions concerning Russian interference. Similar questions were put to Zuckerberg in May 2018 by EU officials.

After that point, pressures begin to build in our chronology. An "international grand committee" met in London in November 2018. According to reports by Canadian television network Global, there were representatives from nine nations at this meeting. The report indicated that Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Belgium, France, Latvia, and the United Kingdom all had legislators represented to question the head of Facebook. He did not personally attend but was represented by Richard Allan, a company vice president. The report also shows one of the first indications of discussing an international accord to regulate Facebook. That idea was put forward at the meeting by Canadian federal legislator Charlie Angus of the NDP, Canada's socialist party.

With the fire being lit in 2018, some benzene was added to it in 2019. In mid-March 2019 an Australian male broadcast on Facebook Live a shooting rampage at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. That person has been charged in the New Zealand court system with terrorism charges. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, telecommunications provider Telstra blocked websites hosting footage of the attack. Internet Service Providers across New Zealand blocked any websites with footage of the attack as well at that time. The Verge reported that the blocks would not be removed until the footage was removed from those sites.

A technology commentator in New Zealand, Paul Brislen, wrote on March 25th that the time had come to regulate social media while also noting that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also promised to take action. Much of his discussion revolved around taxing and regulating foreign companies like Facebook until they could essentially no longer operate in New Zealand unless they bent to New Zealand demands. This was followed on April 3rd by a report that New Zealand didn't receive the assurances it wanted from Facebook about changing its livestreaming function. Australia passed a new law the next day to fine companies up to 10% of their global revenue if they don't remove violent content on a timely basis. New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs reports that the video of the killer's rampage remains online in a variety of locations.

In May in Paris the French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern led a summit concerning online extremism. It resulted in a document called the Christchurch Call. Former US Senator from Massachusetts and current US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown spoke to Radio New Zealand explaining the United States government did not sign on due to our Constitution's First Amendment and other legal conflicts. Other countries took it as a non-binding start to creating a global regulatory framework for social media.

Our chronology brings us to the extreme point of May 28th. POLITICO reports that even though a committee of the Canadian House of Commons issued a subpoena for Mark Zuckerberg he will ignore it. Two Facebook officials showed up instead at the most recent meeting. The new twist in the game is that, building off all the coercive measures in the Pacific, former Facebook investor Roger McNamee propounded to the committee that countries other than the United States of America that have problems with Facebook or other social networks should consider nation-level blocking so that local alternatives might develop.

Now that we have a chronology, we can lay out the case. A conflict has been brewing. If you sew together all these events, Facebook is in an increasingly ugly position. While not necessarily under domestic pressure it has pressure coming from outside the United States which is a problem if it wants to operate globally.

A cyber war need not be kinetic and appears to be shaping up as economic in nature. Currently the stock market is driven hard by the FAANG group of stocks which stands generally for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. Out of those five companies, one produces physical goods to purchase and one is a retailer. The other three produce electronic intangibles for a global market. If the United States gets hit with what would effectively be targeted economic sanctions towards a specific company that may have offended local sensibilities, how are we going to react?

Blocking Instapundit or Legal Insurrection may not move the needle much on the national economy. Blocking Facebook would appear to cause a bit of a plunge, though. A multilateral blockade of one web property to essentially quarantine it would be a fairly drastic action. Although the people proposing the blockade would want alternatives to grow there is a problem where people equate Facebook as being the sum total of the Internet. How would the population in the United States react when they regard a certain company's services in that manner? There currently is not enough data to speculate.

The world seems ready to shift paradigms without a clutch. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri recently wrote we would be better off altogether without social media. With Washington distracted by who is the more stable genius and which judge will be the next to issue a nation-wide injunction that will eventually be overturned, it is time to start thinking about where we want companies like Facebook and the rest of the FAANG group to exist in American life. The rest of the world is more than happy to dictate that to us but decisions about American companies should be made in America.

At this point we are left with the possibility of the imposition of collective punishment if someone violates another country's social norms while using a social network. A coordinated multilateral blocking of a site's domain would effectively result in a platform still existing in the United States but being made to vanish for at least part of the rest of the world. We are not at that point yet but even having that idea on the table should be giving us pause to reflect.

Creative Commons License
The Coming Cyber War by Stephen Michael Kellat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.