Early July Quick Bits

I can’t quite sleep at the moment. Recapping the past week might be a good idea. In no particular order:

Maintaining Independent Infrastructure

One thing I end up embarassing myself about sometimes in the Ubuntu Podcast telegram chatter is that I end up buying and selling tiny amounts of shares on the US stock markets. All I can say is that I got spooked by the 35 day “government shutdown” at the start of the calendar year when I was stuck working without pay as a federal civil servant. Granted I did get back pay but the Human Capital Office at work is still fiddling with things even now in terms of getting payroll records and other matters fixed. I generally buy shares in companies that pay dividends and then I take the dividends as cash. At work we refer to that as “unearned income” especially as it is taxed at a rate different from the one applied to my wages.

My portfolio is somewhat weird. I am rather heavily invested in shipping whether it happens to be oil tankers or dry bulk cargo ships. In contrast I have almost nothing invested in technology companies. There aren’t many “open source” companies available on the open stock market and the ones out there either I can’t afford to buy a single share of or they violate my portfolio rule that stocks held must pay a divided of some sort. Too many companies in the computer tech world appear to make money but don’t send any profits back to shareholders as their dividends are stuck at USD$0.00.

All that being said, I found a very important post on Mastodon to be of interest. The post, located at https://fosstodon.org/@badrihippo/102426802394820437, stated:

gPodder.net is looking for a new maintainer!

If nobody comes forward by 2020, it’ll be forced to shut down. Please boost to spread the word.


Note that this is the podcast-sharing website: I’m not sure about the status of the app, but I think that’s still doing fine.

#gPodder #podcasts #python #webdev #helpwanted

Now, you might wonder what this little piece of infrastructure happens to be. It is actually somewhat critical to have a free and open culture. The gPodder.net site is a critically important site for podcast discovery. Unlike Apple Podcasts, gPodder.net is integrated into many podcast applications across many platforms.

As a shareholder in multiple media companies (especially Scripps E W Co, Salem Media Group, iHeartMedia, Entravision Communications, Townsquare Media, Beasley Broadcast Group Inc, and Entercom Communications Corp) I have seen the answer the old media has made to the more free-wheeling world of podcasting and “new media” that I previously did quite a bit in. Scripps, a broadcast conglomerate, owns and operates Stitcher in addition to its broadcast television holdings as well as the Newsy cable television channel and website. iHeartMedia, the massive radio conglomerate that just emerged from bankruptcy reorganization, now boasts that its rather closed garden of an app is number one for podcasts in the United States and is the easiest way to listen. I previously held shares in satellite radio service SiriusXM and, would you imagine, they also happen to own Pandora which now also provides some listings of podcasts in its walled garden. Spotify remains an independent company for the moment but you can listen to the Ubuntu Podcast within its walled garden too.

If I ever get back into the swing of podcast, I have a daunting task that is growing of just trying to submit feeds to each individual walled garden. The number of them is growing. You don’t have to be a doctrinaire freedom by any means necessary person to see that that paradigm might be a bit stifling. I should caution that it isn’t confined to the USA as the British Broadcasting Corporation is still fiddling with its BBC Sounds and iPlayer applications.

I know I flat out do not have the programming skills to help. I do have the skill to explain why it is a social good to keep gPodder.net alive, though. Our world of podcasts should not be homogenized and formatted like radio stations have become in the United States. Nobody needs to imitate Ira Glass to be authentic.

A more freeform cultural world is possible if we keep up the architecture to make it happen. Right now gPodder.net is all we have and it would be a shame if it closed down. Now is a great time to lend a hand to keep a great piece of infrastructure alive to preserve free culture. Fullest details as to what this involves were posted to GitHub.

Standing By

Currently we are waiting on some news to develop. This is dependent upon matters on Capitol Hill. Outcomes currently remain fairly uncertain.

At a certain point I end up having to consider if I have to look at raising my own income and leaving federal service. We are at a point at work now where I get to choose between either being pushed or jumping of my own accord. I am looking at an informal gathering of some colleagues on Saturday where we’ll have to discuss this matter and its implications for all of us. With the groundwork being laid for a proper work plan to be executed I think I would be able to dust off https://liberapay.com/smkellat to be put to proper use. Certainly edits could be made to http://erielookingproductions.info/ if and when that becomes solely what I’m up to.

Work projects at Erie Looking Productions currently include finishing off the submission for the Dam Short Film Festival as well as the new work-in-progress that may go to another event such as MidWest WeirdFest or MicroMania Film Festival. A podcast resumption plan is still under development and that pace is frustratingly slow. Our production work at Erie Looking Productions runs on various flavors of Ubuntu (Ubuntu MATE and Xubuntu) and uses free software such as ikiwiki, LaTeX, kino, audacity, VLC, libsox, cups, and more.

In terms of research and development we are still looking at issues such as the migration of Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville to Hulu as recently announced while we also see outlets like Netflix facing new competition in addition to their stock taking a hit in value. Even AT&T was making waves recently in the streaming space posting concerning financial results. We’re not quite sure what it all means yet other than it needs watching.

All in all, standing by means we still have to watch and wait. There will be more to come presumably.

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Fixing Communications

It has been another glorious day of work. With luck I get to say farewell to this job this calendar year. A lack of capital prevents that at the moment.

I ended up passing a HAZMAT incident on my way to work this morning. This is where the local radio scene in Ashtabula County cripples us. There was nobody on-duty locally as local air talent. Five local stations are satellite-fed Christian broadcasters (Moody Radio Network, Bible Broadcasting Network, K-LOVE, Air1, EWTN), one is satellite-fed around the clock carrying ESPN Radio, four very heavily voicetracked stations are owned by Media One Radio Group, one country is a mix of satellite feed and voicetracking, and an AM oldies station has quite a bit of voicetracking although it seems to flip its format away from oldies every couple months. There was no local radio broadcaster to turn to that would tell you that there was a problem on the roadways in our micropolitan area. We have no television broadcast slots allocated by the Federal Communications Commission to our local area.

Yes, I am leaving out of the mix above the two translators for NPR affiliates WKSU and WYSU as well as the nearby stations of the NOAA Weather Radio network. Those don’t matter in the mix. The translators by definition do not originate local programming. Perfect Paul got replaced with the team of Donna and Tom followed by Perfect Paul 2.0 so the NOAA stations aren’t exactly flexible.

I couldn’t find any media outlets covering the incident this morning. It wasn’t until the afternoon that somebody at WEWS in Cleveland noticed something had happened. I ended up learning about the situation first from news outlets WKBN and WFMJ in Yougstown first. Youngstown is about 60 miles due south of Ashtabula while Cleveland is about 61 miles due southwest of Ashtabula. Local radio had nothing. WTAM in Cleveland had a brief mention in a single traffic update but then said nothing in later ones.

This is not a healthy situation. There is not exactly a streaming solution or other TCP/IP-based solution that would make it immediately better. The capital simply isn’t there to undertake a hostile takeover of one or more of the current broadcast stations to flip their format and get their programming more locally originated. Locally originated programming that is live costs far more than what the television shows WKRP might romanticize it to look like.

For now I have the problem stated at the least. I’m missing a solution. That is for another time it seems.

The Legendary Year

I’ll keep this blog post brief. Things got extremely traumatic at work today. I’m not sure how much more deadpan I could have been writing at Mastodon when I wrote:

How’s my day going? The guy sitting next to me at this afternoon’s staff meeting had a heart attack. We shouldn’t be nearly that well-rehearsed at my workplace in handling such scenarios.

That’s not hyperbole. The AED response was very quick. As you might guess the staff meeting pretty much could not continue.

Yes, I was in shock in the immediate aftermath. This processing year has been “legendary” and not in a good way by any stretch of imagination. I am trying to speed up my exit and it isn’t getting much faster.

Upon exiting the service there are many projects that have to be undertaken. One relates to getting body weight under control and the bodyweight planner from NIDDK is very useful. There have been strong suggestions made to me by others as to what the effort should look like over the long term in terms of outcomes, though. The second is to put together some of the creative works and get them entered into film festivals simply to be able to network. The third is to resume freelance writing as well as perhaps resume podcasting.

As you might imagine this would all cause a massive drop in income compared to the steady General Schedule-based pay I get now. I still don’t have it all figured out. Going it alone is probably not the best idea but I don’t have any prospective general partners to bring aboard at this time. That may be something to fix on a more immediate basis, perhaps. The questions about “when are you ever going to start a family” aren’t being interpreted as opportunities for package deals in seeking partners, mind you.

This has been a time of change. I just hope I am able to meet the challenges on a timely basis.

The Frozen Life

There are some days I do think my life is not a very good one. While reading the blog of a colleague from the making of a flavour of Ubuntu, I got confused by the references to an au pair and the sleep schedule of a child. I have been so tied down with my job that people in my peer group of preference that I have had to be away from for so long have moved on and grown.

What do I have to show for this? I am at the top of the career ladder for my job position. The only movement within my occupational specialty as a civil servant is from journeyman to leading technical specialist or from journeyman to supervisor. Currently within the directorate we are overloaded on people already trained for the leading technical specialist and supervisor positions so there are more people pre-qualified than slots to fill unless we start booting people out of the directorate. We could ship off people trained as leading technical specialists and supervisors to the other nine directorates but they’ve got their own versions of the same problem.

My peer group by default is not a healthy bunch. Somebody got taken to the hospital for a heart attack last week. Several of the newest hires are getting anxious enough to want to quit and I’ve been helping try to talk them into staying through their current commission at least. This particular workplace has a reputation for being toxic and it isn’t due to unremediated asbestos still found in the building.

Working on building a “social life” does not go all that well. There’s even a singles site within the church that I have been trying to participate on. The problem there is that within the church we’re really big on text. In the eyes of far too many prostitutes and tax collectors are deemed the same thing which are hard-core sinners you shouldn’t associate with apparently. If I’m striking out in the fairly small pond of a niche single site within my denomination I’m not keen on trying eHarmony or Christian Mingle.

I don’t know where I’m going with all this. I am feeling old with yet another birthday coming up in September as a childless bachelor. I am trying to sneak in time for rehabilitative therapy which would mean time away from work to take care of myself. An extended period of medically-managed weight loss and supervised exercise/strength training would improve my health dramatically. Unfortunately there’s no way to fit that in alongside work right now due to the tour of duty’s structure. Two-a-days/bootcamp may be needed for getting that off the ground rather than simply following a Billy Blanks DVD.

I hate times of unknowns. This is one of them. Things will settle out soon, I hope.

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Quick Hit: Radio Reception

There are two HDHomeRun receiver units set up on an a network wireless bridge extension in the detached garage. Different television aerials are set up out there pointing in different directions. This allows for some experimentation. At this hour, the callsigns that the TV receivers in the garage are picking up at least the header blocks for include: WGRZ, WKYC, WIVB, WEWS, WXYZ, WNLO, WJET, WSEE, WQLN, WWJ, WQHS, CITY.

This is usually a fairly good indirect indicator that the heavens are going to burst forth with all manner of storms in due time. What is happening is tropospheric ducting. This is not normal atmospherics whatsoever…

License: This work by Stephen Michael Kellat is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/.