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The Result Of The Interim Blog Reset

Fiddling and Customizing

Thu Mar 25 00:25:46 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

I can’t quite sleep at the moment as I am trying to process some events that took place on Wednesday. I have to reassess where things stand in some cases. While it did not happen directly to me I will say that The Event was not a good one.

Presently I am blogging using the bashblog script by Carlos Fenollosa. It is very barebones and right now that’s exactly what I need. I did some fiddling and through the use of the Google Web Fonts API ended up deploying the Public Sans font instead of the default now. That will give it a far more striking look than the previous font selection.

Blogging remains a key way to keep up with me. The Twitter account is likely not the most informative and the Identica account randomly disappears into the Bermuda Triangle. There is not a LaTeX2e-based social network to the best of my knowledge.

While more could likely be said that simply would not be prudent at this time.

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