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Keeping It Brief

Tue May 11 00:31:20 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

In no particular order:

  • I’ve been doing some junkbox surgery to resuscitate an amd64 desktop. It will be running Xubuntu and should be running Impish Indri if I ever get the USB stick written to do the install. Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of this monster I created, I think.
  • It was snowing here on Saturday. I had a bounceback function in one application show me some pictures I took a year ago and apparently it was snowing here then too.
  • I do need to get set up to be able to receive and decode radiofax transmissions made on the published schedules.
  • There has been some monumental scrollback that I have been encountering in Telegram. I do eventually get through reading it. There’s just a bunch of change happening and I can’t be all that present online. Some of what is happening is quite unexpected. All I can do is improvise, adapt, and overcome.
  • The next step in typesetting is trying to figure out what I am not getting right in usage of the bookcover package from CTAN.

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