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Late August Update

Sun Aug 22 13:41:40 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

You know you’ve been busy when it has been almost an entire month since you’ve made a blog post. Reducing things to bullet points (give or take) may prove best. In no particular order:

  • I learned about edbrowse from the latest episode of the Ubuntu Podcast. If I ever wind up using an actual teletype for a terminal that might be quite handy.

  • Work continues on a provisional effort to rig up something for podcasting using a static site generator. Someone already started the work in jekyll and put it on GitHub. Now the name of the game is adapting what they did to suit my purposes.

  • The testing manifest for Impish Indri shows only vanilla Ubuntu desktop shipping an image for Raspberry Pi. Considering my working “desktop” at the moment is a Raspberry Pi 4, any testing efforts on my part may wind up limited as I do not normally test vanilla Ubuntu desktop.

  • There are initial concepts for the fourth story roughly developed. I’m not quite sure where they might lead. Further development is required.

  • Campaigning? What campaigning? That’s not quite in progress in any traditional sense. The delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is forcing non-traditional directions to all that, too.

  • Something akin to a DECwriter or TI Silent 700 mated to a Raspberry Pi would allow for some computing access if I wind up getting significant eye strain from seeing too many computer screens…again. It feels weird to even be thinking about such things.

  • Things can improve no matter how bleak the world around us looks. It was fairly shocking Saturday to see how desensitized people had become to disasters. A nasty hurricane was bearing down on New York City and New England yet it was being ignored by the main news media outlets.

  • I am spending quite a bit of time using to find streams to listen to. More people should make use of it.

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