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Late July Update

Fri Jul 23 12:09:47 2021 — Stephen Michael Kellat

In no particular order:

  • The podcast feeds repository has seen some updates. Yes, I am a bit odd in primarily consuming podcasts via the podcasts app on my Apple TV device. Life changes and right now my circumstances are quite different than they used to be. Getting AntennaPod back on my mobile device is not a high priority considering how flaky the phone continues to be.
  • A test printing was done using the work-in-progress code from the auto-newspaper repository. Moving to just printing a single leaf of “Legal” sized paper would not be all that much. Considering the growing niche that needs filling that may be enough to start with. There is a running discussion in the repo as to how this has all been developing over time.
  • In the alternative to the “underground newspaper” notion there would be the thought of going back to podcasting. I’m not too keen on that thought especially as this would be focusing on video production these days. At the least I would need to launder segments of Profile America via some prestidigitation with ffmpeg into being video files as initial building blocks. At the very least I did start scripting out how to grab real fast from the relevant FTP site the useful data to read out a weather report. Pulling some material from the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service as to the Ohio National Guard would provide public domain content as to state-level news through VNRs. It sounds like I almost have this planned out except for hosting, actually.
  • My literal stack of Raspberry Pi units is back up and running. That puts me at five operational in the house at the moment. They aren’t clustered at this time. I probably should do that though I would need to decide on a mission profile.
  • A review of the Internal Revenue Service characteristics list for what makes a “church” as seen on their website is being done on my part. Why? It is a “facts and circumstances” test that a certain group in my country’s civil society is meeting. That that is happening has disturbing implications that I am trying to better understand.
  • People are baffled by the change in name of the Cleveland baseball team to being the “Guardians”. Ideastream posted a story about the statues the team is being named in honor of. The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History also discusses the art deco designs. Frankly they are awesome bits of art from the Great Depression that remain with us today and feature in many neat sunrise and sunset photographs.

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