In no particular order:

  • Contribution efforts on my part are held back due to other matters requiring attention. I know LP Bug #1905548 needs attention. This is just the time of year when not much gets accomplished usually anyhow.

  • Like many at churches across the United States I have not ever had a desire to emulate Kenneth Copeland or other televangelists. What do you call it when it is either not prudent or not possible for a church to meet in-person which results in services having to be streamed online? Outside an outlet like EWTN it would certainly seem like having to engage in televangelism of a sort after all. Various open source pieces of software have been used as I end up producing things in the garage. Those results are presently posted to YouTube based upon surveying the served audience and what online services they utilize. It is not as if I am operating a numbers station.

  • Using Ubuntu via the Windows Subsystem for Linux has been exciting. It makes having to use a Windows 10 laptop quite bearable.

  • The website of Erie Looking Productions is offline as I am trying to figure out where I want to move its hosting to. I want to start distributing hosting of my sites across different providers. The number of odd crashes Google services had the past couple months just have me twitchy.

  • It does seem like alternative education is going to be a big driver in 2021 perhaps.

  • The other odd thing to watch in 2021 is possibly going to be riscv64, I think. If somebody comes up with a mass market laptop with performance somewhat exceeding that of a Raspberry Pi 400 but on a riscv64 base I think I will be quite interested in buying.