I should mention I survived surgery. Recovery is taking a while and I’m not having fun. These things pass with time.

Election results have started to come in across the United Kingdom and initial reactions to them were not positive. I already read talk about expatriation from multiple quarters. That’s often not a good thing.

In that respect I’ll put forward two notions. The first is to not overlook the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program in the USA. For its ”Targeted Employment Area” definition that has lower capital levels that you have to put forward…one area targeted is a “rural area”. Where am I again? If you can live with some occasional heavy snows, want to try to make a startup (regardless of type) in an area with top hospitals, and want to still have fairly easy access to Canada across Lake Erie frankly I could hook you up a realtor in my local area to get started. The cost of living in this part of Ohio is low and will probably look like what you always thought the mythical Ambridge of Radio 4’s The Archers would look like.

As to the second option, go talk to the University of the South Pacific. They’re a multi-national institution in the Pacific that provides educational opportunities in several nation-states. They do good work. With the measles outbreak in the independent state of Samoa that has held back some education work while heroic efforts continue to contain the outbreak. The Pacific is a beautiful place to live and if I had fewer family obligations I would be heading back that way to live. If you can’t handle the new Brexit reality there are new frontiers in paradise to explore for living and working.

Again, these are just notions. On my part I managed to finish up a patchset to Xubuntu offline documentation while I’ve been recovering from surgery. I know I have political turmoil here stateside but it doesn’t hold me back from helping make Xubuntu fabulous during the Focal Fossa cycle. My pain is a little bit more direct at the moment…