Well, the issue of cord-cutting has been brought up again at home. Costs are often a factor when evaluating services. Living in rural USA also means that choice of services is either limited or non-existent. Considering the number of shows/programs that family members are interested in that are available from different paid streaming services that don't overlap, I wind up looking at a potential bill like this:

Hulu $7.99
Netflix $10.99
HBO Now $14.99
Apple TV+ $4.99
Disney+ $6.99
Amazon Prime Video $8.99
Total (Not including any applicable taxes) $54.94

The universe of streaming services was discussed in Streamings20190921 by me most recently. Prices shown above are likely subject to change and were current as of when I located them earlier today. Currently I do not have any updates about possible further increases in the Monthly Recurring Charge from Spectrum for cable broadband. That's currently holding at $69.99 per month. In the end we would be looking at a total Monthly Recurring Charge of $124.93 before taxes for video entertainment plus broadband. Unfortunately the broadband service has trouble with maintaining consistency with streams. That is to say, how many different ways can we say "buffering"?

And then to see OMG! Ubuntu! mention today that Disney+ won't support Linux adds to why I'm having trouble with the whole notion of shifting to streaming.

For now, I have one antenna mast working somewhat correctly. RF propagation has been problematical so we have only been receiving a few stations out of Erie, Pennsylvania. If we had to drop our current service from DirecTV and cut down the level of our cable broadband I would be happy to stick with basic broadcast. Right now the basic broadcasts out of Erie have some things DirecTV doesn't carry such as Laff, Dabl, Comet, Court TV Mystery, and Cozi TV.

There are economic shifts afoot. In lieu of investing in streaming I have been leaning towards investing in cabinetry instead. Why? It feels at times like I could start my own "video store" with the DVD collection on-hand. Rural life does require some trade-offs it seems.