Okay, where are things going?

Right now work continues. The job is always under a bit of a cloud. The integrity of the federal administration is always a question I try to dodge. At the level of the individual bureaucrat we’re doing just fine. Our appointed and elected superiors are the biggest cause for concern. Nobody seems to be operating normally in the capital.

Whenever time finally permits, I will need to catch up with Martin Wimpress about testing the images being worked on for Raspberry Pi units relative to Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2. Somehow there was coverage of this on Forbes.com but they take user submissions. They’ve become a big planet-like site almost. Work demands during this peak period are going to restrict my ability to act, alas. A good block of time might work on Saturday, March 9th.

I haven’t done any testing of Disco Dingo. In the end, coping with drama from the capital while trying to keep a roof over my head makes that happen when you’re a civil servant. Things like Liberapay or even Paypal.me are in place to help me transition out of that bit of craziness to something more reasonable. Expanding the website of Erie Looking Productions through the use of MkDocs perhaps is likely to be in the works.

Eventually I will remember to renew my membership in TeX User Group. The big reminder to me is when CTAN stops updating for a release. That’ll be on the docket next week. The three oddest bits of packages from that universe that I’m using together in one document (basic report class) are biblatex-chicago, epigraph, and morehype.

In a fallen and broken world, there is some good out there. I struggle greatly to find it each day. Make the world a little bit better each day if you can. It’ll improve things overall.