As a parting shot to the night I wanted to highlight a film from the Prelinger Archive. Facebook felt it was too gory and blocked posting a link to it and killed the post entirely. The point of the post was to note that the film is horrible and is an example of why making educational films isn't always the best use of a public agency's budget. Signal 30 is a very heavy-handed piece produced for the Ohio State Highway Patrol that is just under half an hour of car crashes and destruction. It was produced in 1959. The guys from Rifftrax tried to riff it and only got a few minutes into it.

There is discussion lately of history being erased and people desiring to erase history. Things like this probably should not have been preserved yet Rick Prelinger got hold of it somehow. The Internet did not start the problem of inconvenient copies of inconvenient things lurking in unknown places. It merely accelerated access.