I was going to end up writing a different blog post. Upon reflection before writing, I realized that frankly there is a bit too much that is either uncertain or otherwise waiting for action by somebody else. The concerning part is that I frankly how little say and no control in the matter.

Right now there is a bit of a fiscal emergency that may or may not be coming up for me. I started the year in the midst of a layoff and work-without-pay situation due to a management dispute at the top level of my employer. Unfortunately we're about to head into a different management dispute which may cause my employer to become insolvent as of the first week of September 2019. I had thought the matter had already been resolved but apparently it is still pending.

I am not sure how this will pan out. A decision was supposed to be announced Wednesday but is being delayed until Thursday now. With some co-workers now handing in their badges to suddenly quit (we're not required to give any notice) work has become a bit chaotic.

As for what I wanted to write about I will hold off. Eventually the bootstrapping of Erie Looking Productions to a more active going concern will be able to be given more attention. Plans are progressing far too slowly but, at the least, they are progressing. Software ranging from LaTeX2e to Openshot and more are making some nice things possible. I want to be able to eventually shift away from a very destructive job to one that is a bit more constructive. Being able to actively contribute to Xubuntu again would be a nice side benefit of leaving the current maelstrom at work, too.