As if I did not have enough to worry about the power went out earlier today. I was sitting in my home office using the refurb Dell desktop that has some minor upgrades bearing the hostname HOLLYWOOD. There was this big bang outside. The lights went out and the UPS units started their ritual screaming. Mere seconds later the power was back on.

There was only one UPS unit in the office and I had the two Raspberry Pi units on the power/surge side while the desktop was on the surge-only side. I had to get the smaller UPS out of my bedroom and move it into the office too and rewire things so that the computer had emergency power too. Currently it is protected too.

You might be wondering why all of a sudden there is a desktop computer in my home office. Well, my laptop died. It was only three years old and had seen plenty of travel, wear, and tear. This computer was the audiovisual production computer when we had our production workspace outside of home. That workspace is no longer available to us so my desktop computer has IEEE1394 ports that didn't come with the model, a set of memory card slots for most types of memory cards out there sitting in a 3.5 inch front bay, a DVD-RAM drive that is an upgrade from factory specifications, and a few other bits that make it not your average desktop computer.

Since I have regular telehealth appointments I found the Logitech C210 webcam that has been in equiment storage and hooked it up. I'll get an appropriate headset hooked up in due time. I am not going to attempt telehealth on a cell phone.

Summer officially begins this weekend. Typically we have a minimum of one major multi-hour to multi-day electrical outage during the summer. With the possibility of Lockdown 2.0 lurking in the shadows preparing for a difficult period is certainly in order. Even if we are incident free relative to electrical service during the summer 2020 has had plenty of surprises in store.

Besides, what will we do when the flying saucers touch down on the White House lawn?