In no particular order:

  • In roughly one week I have to face a meeting of the county broadband task force to discuss the proposal for a virtual television station. Stakeholder participation at this early stage is elusive.

  • Coronavirus case counts are increasing to a small degree for Ashtabula County. This was bound to happen. The dashboards provide all sorts of nasty data.

  • The county by county dashboard as to demographic breakdown of coronavirus cases in Ohio is disturbing insofar that the numbers do not match the rhetoric. At least in northeast Ohio the biggest confounding factors are Cleveland Clinic and University Health Hospital System.

  • How to avoid possible Chronic Kidney Disease problems? Lose weight. How to avoid possible complications of coronavirus if unlucky enough to get infected? Lose weight. How to cut down on snoring? Lose weight. Going into 2021 what needs to be an overriding project? Hmm. I'm pretty sure that's not going to be answered correctly by many people even though that non-surgical intervention is being pushed by the United Kingdom and other countries at the population level. Getting the country's average Body Mass Index back within the healthy range would certainly reduce the lethality of coronavirus as well as other maladies.

  • I need to break down and do some fiction writing. The story is started but I am stalled.

  • Church has been weird. Governor Mike DeWine's press conference for September 22nd had a nice discussion of indoor air quality and coronavirus risk as we head into the colder months here in Ohio. The church building is relatively old. The leadership are coronavirus denialists even after a member of the congregation was afflicted by it and had to be quarantined. After the enactment of House Bill 272 churches cannot be closed for any reason in Ohio by public officials without further legislation being passed by the General Assembly. While we never closed the churches in this state most churches had enough sense to not hold services when things were getting out of hand initially in terms of spread. If things get that way again as we head through autumn into winter it'll be interesting to see what the leadership at church does if anything.

  • Sample ballots are up on the board of elections website. I need to ask the board office if I get to be a precinct elections worker or not. According to the data presented by Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose they're merely 350 short.