In no particular order:

  • The President has been impeached once again. I doubt he'll be convicted. Charges rarely stick to that man.
  • Protestors outside the capitol did not cause new trouble today. That was a good thing.
  • Having finished Sea Patrol, I can say that it was a nice show. The American networks need to import shows from Australia if this mess with the coronavirus keeps running.
  • A riscv64 variant of the BeagleBoard single board computers has been announced. It will be some time before I can pick up one. Being able to build RISC-V chips in the United States would help "Made In America" initiatives.
  • Governor Mike DeWine called up a short battalion of Ohio National Guard troopers and airmen to handle possible problems when it comes to the inauguration. Out of the 580 called up we will be sending 200 to DC and the rest will stay in Ohio as the reaction force.
  • Life is getting weird already in 2021…