Relevant Document: Saldana, J., Arcia-Moret, A., Braem, B., Pietrosemoli, E., Sathiaseelan, A., & Zennaro, M. (2016). Alternative Network Deployments: Taxonomy, Characterization, Technologies, and Architectures (No. RFC7962; p. RFC7962).

I wish I could say broadband access around me is particularly healthy. It isn’t. I have a single incumbent source that is Charter Spectrum. I am reading RFC 7962 as to the classification of alternatives in deploying networks. Reinventing the wheel is not necessarily a good idea. Local politicians truly enjoy doing that but I do not.

The notion of setting up a Wireless Internet Service Provider looks simple enough until I get to the question of backhaul. I know that there are providers out there now offering satellite backhaul, at least, such as Gilat Satellite Networks. Over land I would have to consider how to go from Ashtabula south to the Pennsylvania community of Pittsburgh which crosses into way too many “right of way” issues just to get to the closest IXP.

Mesh networking might be an easy off the cuff answer until you consider the size of my local area. Ashtabula County in Ohio is two-thirds the size of the State of Rhode Island relative to land area. Our population density is low. We have snow. We have cows. It is not a very viable solution. The sheer size of the area makes building infrastructure fairly difficult. One local community did not get dial telephone service until the 1970s as it is.

While there are other options mentioned in the RFC they get increasingly esoteric. The matter needs further thought. Where it all winds up is just a conundrum for the moment.