In no particular order:

  • Systems continue crashing around me. Rare error messages have been commonplace instead. I have been taxing surviving hardware to the limit as field expedients to keep things working. There is an endpoint to how far I can take field expedients before they fail too. I have to figure out what I am going to upgrade/replace in short order.
  • The conduct of recorded church services continues. People are watching what's posted. I suppose that's okay?
  • I did do-release-upgrade -d to take the install of Ubuntu MATE on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ to Focal Fossa (soon to be 20.04 on Thursday if all goes well). It functions rather nicely. It is also my main desktop machine at the moment.
  • One of the previously paying clients is looking to resume operations if Governor Mike DeWine proceeds with loosening up lockdown as of May 1st. In the realm of governmental actions, 11 days might as well be an eternity where outcomes can potentially change endlessly. I'm still trying to see what to do to anticipate their needs which is either going to be looking for logistics gear to facilitate changes in how they conduct business or ways to set up video streaming gear that are grunt proof.
  • I sent the draft proposals to city council on how it might break its impasse relative to fixing the budget shortfall. They've had some spectacular media coverage of them not being able to work together. Lockdown gives me way too much time to think and I kinda like having fire and police protection so offering help seems like a good idea.
  • Tinkering in LaTeX2e continues.
  • With luck I should be better available for the G cycle.