Hacker News pointed out a blog post on the PowerDNS Blog discussing why DNS over HTTP may not be such a good idea. The Hacker News comments were on-brand. The comments overlook something pretty simple from the article.

The original author wrote in pertinent part:

We have to keep in mind that if a DNS lookup is slow, the entire internet feels sluggish. Slow DNS = Slow internet.

Right now my current domestic broadband provider is providing inconsistent service as it is. Having requests to a variety of known-good sites mysteriously timeout and crash is not unheard of. Having sites become mysteriously inaccessible is not unheard of either. I’m not living anywhere drastic either as this is just northeast Ohio about fifty miles outside Cleveland. It should not provide me with a performance boost when I disable this feature in Firefox.

Unfortunately I get such a performance boost. I don’t think it is something wrong with my machine or my in-house LAN. I’ve looked at the maps of the concept and frankly there are spots where this paradigm breaks down hard if viewed from a Red Team perspective.

I’ve looked at the lack of competition in my local area on the FCC broadband deployment map. I’ve even considered dumping the current provider for somebody else. Unfortunately I don’t really have a choice beyond my current provider’s random loss of packets, disappearances of known active sites, and generally horrible maintenance of inherited rural legacy infrastructure that they probably aren’t making much revenue from.

Looking at traceroute output like this is getting unreal…