BOFH excuse #152:

My pony-tail hit the on/off switch on the power strip.

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Currently the 2019 fiscal year ends as of September 30th. My job becomes unfunded as of 11:59 PM Eastern Time that day. Congress is currently in recess until September 9th and has not passed a single funding bill through both chambers to clear it for presidential consideration. With the week of their return set to be bogged down by 9/11 memorials as well as trying to ensure a quorum, Congress practically has only two weeks to get matters together to pass the twelve separate appropriations bills to fund government operations starting 12:01 AM on October 1st. Nobody has put a continuing resolution on the table and currently a Statement of Administration Policy indicates that he won't sign one.

Unfortunately a huge distraction has arisen yet again that may ensure the budget does not get passed on time.

FOX News reports that Democrats are requesting a recall from recess due to the mass shooting events that occurred over the weekend. Logistically that should not be too hard since there was no concurrent resolution adopted by both chambers allowing for an extended recess. Each chamber is holding pro forma sessions every three days in the event something urgent comes up and a couple members of each chamber are being kept in the DC area. Despite the article's language this wouldn't be a special session but rather a re-do on the calendar in both chambers. Over the weekend an armed assailant was effectively executed by responding police officers within a mere thirty seconds during the relevant gun battle in Dayton where nine were killed and twenty seven were wounded. In El Paso, an assailant killed twenty before surrendering to law enforcement. It is not currently known what legislators might attempt to pursue during any early return to Capitol Hill. The editors at National Review Online have an editorial posted that is a fairly disturbing read.

In any respect, I am not sure what an attempt at passing yet more laws would actually accomplish.

There is evil in our world. It isn't that the United States suddenly became a fascist tyranny when Donald Trump became President of the United States. It isn't that the United States of America has become the worst Third World country on the planet even though it possesses a First World military. Some pieces snapped culturally possibly as far back as the tail end of the Clinton administration and have been festering wounds for many years. The current administration has succeeded in ripping the bandaids off those wounds for all to see that there are some very, very deep problems out there.

I don't really see an exit point to this. Having leftist violence combined with right-wing agitation leads to chaos yet we've been in that state of affairs since we culturally imported the German concept of Antifa to the United States. Having my fellow Americans play-act like they're living in a tyrannical occupation degrades discourse to where violence is seen increasingly not as off limits but as instead the simplest acceptable answer.

We're not looking at a simple wildfire. I really don't think we are. Those you can extinguish. One of the scarier things I learned about in Hazardous Materials-Awareness training was the infamous benzene fire. You can't extinguish that and have to let it burn itself out.

I think that's where we are with the current madness. It will take a while for it to burn itself out. Civic leadership, religious leadership, and leadership of far too many other necessary types is simply missing right now. Until the madness burns itself out we have a very long road ahead.