In short:

  • ViacomCBS has an ad-supported streaming property known as Pluto TV alongside the subscription-based CBS All Access. Normally the two do not overlap in content. Currently there is an overlap as the first episode of Star Trek: Picard is playing on a loop on the Pluto TV sci-fi channel. This plays fine in Firefox without any DRM worries or need of any extensions to be loaded. As Ubuntu users look at video streaming services potentially not playing nice due to tech incompatibilities this content platform seems low-friction for getting started.

  • I forgot the birthday of Stuart Langridge yesterday.

  • Good luck to the United Kingdom with Brexit Day.

  • There was a presentation on making films with free software at 2020 that I need to watch yet and that many of us should review. With things like 8 Bit Versus out there already I frankly want to see an Ubuntu-related vodcasts aggregator site some day.

  • Ever hear the expression “good enough for government work” in the wild? Well, a font now exists in responses to that American colloquialism.

  • Eventually I will need to look at what snaps exist alongside Ubuntu Core to do something like a small scale municipal mesh as what we’ve got in terms of broadband now is not really cutting the mustard. Finding a peering partner would be hard, though.

  • For those that don’t think getting releases put together is hard enough, the PureDarwin project looks like a great source of ideas and inspiration.