This blog does recount my misadventures in using computers. I had not intended to so quickly get back into testing. After several frustrating failures in trying to upgrade to 19.10 that left me with a system that refused to boot I chose to take a risk.

After many multiple failed upgrade attempts as well as a failed attempt to install something completely different I was about to settle for just using the Windows Subsystem for Linux under Windows 10 1903. The problems is that Windows 10 just feels so utterly slow to me compared to Xubuntu or even Ubuntu MATE. This may come from having to use very unmaintained computers for almost six years in a government job that ran very old versions of Microsoft Windows that were very behind the rest of the world.

Considering all that I decided to push forward. I got Focal Fossa installed on my laptop and it is working for the time being.

I recorded on the ISO Tracker what are effectively my test results. Sadly we don’t have enough people testing ISO images. You don’t have to be doing installs to bare metal hardware like I did as you can test in a virtual machine too. Of course I’ll be filing bugs when software breaks as I use my laptop here on out.

Testing is not glamorous. It isn’t a realm of heroes compared to building some great new framework for building a static website. However it is a great work to help provide people experiencing extreme frustration when they can’t get their upgrade to work or fresh install to work. If you want to build an ever larger community of users in the Ubuntu kingdoms then we do need to ensure barriers to entry are not insurmountable.

Focal Fossa is a Long Term Support release. With a 3-5 year support window depending upon the flavor there will be a great need to get it right. According to my last look at the schedule it appears we’ll be targeting April 23rd, 2020. That’s just under 171 days away with a variety of holidays cropping up during that time.

Are you ready to join in any facet of this great adventure?