Well, none of that actually worked. I had to switch the operating mode on the ikiwiki blog installation to accept posts via the web since I cannot log in right now via the usual SSH session. I’m ending up typing this on a Bluetooth keyboard connected to my iPad for pasting into an active web session.

I started off by trying to upgrade Xubuntu 19.04 to 19.10. The in-place upgrade initially looked like it went through without a hitch. The problem came with the reboot. The machine didn’t want to start! I was able to get it to boot in “Recovery Mode” and promptly exfiltrated as much data as I could.

I burned an ISO I downloaded during “Recovery Mode”. It was of Tuesday’s daily install image for Ubuntu MATE 19.10. I figured that would work to do a clean install. Unfortunately I could not get the ISO to actually boot. It would manage to get through a GRUB menu then halt and crash. That annoyed me greatly.

For the time being I am operating under the fall-back procedures where my iPad is my main computer device. After some sleep I will assess the laptop and determine my next steps. I think I should be able to get it to recover to a good point. Promises are not something I want to make at this stage, though.

Final release of 19.10 is set for Thursday. Hopefully I do not totally trash the laptop. I shudder at the thought of having to fall back to using a Pi-Top until economic circumstances improved.

Eventually I do need to hustle more on seeking work and clients who have work. An income is needed in due time again.