In no particular order:

  • The new year began without a civil emergency locally. After all that has happened lately that is a bit of a relief.

  • The garage studio is developing a bit of a moisture problem. The video cameras that we have for filming online church services don't work well with such high levels of moisture. Efforts are in progress to break down the studio and move it inside the house. Where exactly this will all be set up and how it will function is frankly beyond me at the moment.

  • Editing on the third story continues. The second reader has had a chance to look at it. Apparently the ending is a wee bit abrupt, there are some story gaps, and I apparently left some plot development off-stage. More writing will be done. Some folks out there use dedicated writing programs geared towards authors but I am using Visual Studio Code and the novel package on CTAN as well as the markdown package on CTAN.

  • People forget that the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network has packages covering the use of different types of markup within LaTeX apparently.

  • As much as I would prefer to avoid the matter it looks like I have to consider relocating at some point in 2021. That's something for another time and place, though.

  • I am getting subscription fatigue. I recognize that Substack is apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread nowadays. The cost of a monthly subscription to one newsletter is the same as the cost to get home delivery of USA TODAY. You get a wee bit more content in a weekday newspaper delivered to your front door compared to a niche e-mail newsletter. As to why I canceled my subscription to USA TODAY, that related directly to the failures of the newspaper delivery person rather than any deficiency on the part of the content itself. I prefer newsprint over digital editions anyhow.

  • Have I ever mentioned that Windows Subsystem for Linux is awesome when you're not allowed to install Xubuntu alongside Windows or in lieu of Windows? Working within operational confines does get interesting…