Having listened to the most recent episode of Ubuntu Podcast I suppose I could run down the same topic the guys did. Mark, Alan, and Martin discussed: "We discuss things we’ve been doing during lockdown." Specifically they've been talking about turning off during the Age of Coronavirus. They speak from the UK experience. Life has been a bit different here on my side on the pond in the USA.

One of the problems with "The Event" is that I was still dealing with the aftermath of surgery in December 2019 and follow-ups that continued through to the end of May 2020. That messed with life a bit. Yes, lockdown did happen but I had to leave the house to get to in-person medical appointments for doctors to continue to lay hands on me at the time. The early part of the summer was me getting used to life after all the follow-ups were done. Re-adapting to how to speak and how to eat can be exciting! Following onward from that has been a slow process of things opening back up and things only truly opened back up when it became time for the school year to begin. That left only two months or so for semi-normal life up to now.

Much like Martin my listening to podcasts has been rather curtailed. How my days are spent has changed immensely. The listening opportunities simply are not there. There are normally four specific podcasts that I listen to weekdays. They're all start-of-day news programs, though, that accompany my breakfast time. Such programs include Public News Service, CBC News: The World This Hour, NPR News Now, and The Wake Up from Cleveland.com who bury its RSS feed address here. Anything else I listen to is time-permitting.

I have been curating a film festival at home. Since the start of "The Event" we've watched the entire available television runs of Murdoch Mysteries, Frankie Drake Mysteries, and Republic of Doyle in addition to Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

When the weather was okay I had been running the chihuahua in the park. I had been fording the Ashtabula River at points. Weather had not been very cooperative and is not cooperative now. Parks were closed until about the point where schools re-opened in late August/early September.

Church has been messy. Churches in the United States have been tied up with coronavirus issues. Superspreader events have been connected to church choirs. My congregation is small enough to not have a choir but it is still caught under the various orders in place. Churches were never closed but the elders did suspend services. When we resumed I led logistics on our "drive-in services" in May. In-person services in the building in June got weird and I started making visitations of other churches for a while. Some Disciples of Christ congregations were visited and one of the instrumental Christian Church/Churches of Christ congregations was visited for a while. Visitations continued while the preacher at my regular church kinda went down odd paths revisiting coronavirus in services as well as President Trump's election campaign. The calls to congregants to take off their masks to show they're not afraid crossed a line.

I have been conducting filmed services for posting online for about a month now. Posting to YouTube is not my preference. The goal is to transition that over to video podcasting so that I have better control over the distribution and infrastructure. Filmed church services do not need monetization so putting them on YouTube is just an expedient at the moment. Vimeo remains a sketchy option that I do not feel comfortable utilizing since it is not friendly to end-users.

I have been writing. Two short stories are done and posted to Amazon for sale in print form as well as Kindle ebook. I did try to use a somewhat more free EPUB vendor but nobody ever bought from them. People have in fact purchased copies from Amazon and the purchase are apparently not by family. That still boggles me. The third story remains in progress and is shaping up nicely.

That's life right now outside worrying about the coronavirus. I do not intend to "battle shop" on Black Friday. That madness is a quick way to get infected with the coronavirus. Plans for Christmas shopping for family are looking to be modest this year.

Yes, I do have a life outside the coronavirus but it is pretty constrained right now. Things may improve. I do have things to be justifiably worried about in the coronavirus crisis at the moment as I get told in therapy way more than I like.