One of the big things that ends up bothering me is that we lack the capability to do great things. There was apparently a documentary this weekend about Apollo 11 in very limited distribution. If I had known about it, I would have sought one of the four hundred screens it was shown on.

Going to the moon, showing bravery, conquering frontiers and the like are matters traditionally associated with greatness. Ensuring healthcare benefits comes off as something merely bureaucratic. Which one takes more effort? Which one has the longer term pay off?

I want to reach for the stars. Currently there is no way I could ever join the Astronaut Corps. I want things to move forward in my lifetime to where I don't have to train as hard as John Glenn to get to the Moon or beyond. It is time to move beyond science fiction to science fact.

Far too much of the basic science is already done. The will to act is missing. In trying to create a comfortable life on Earth, are we creating a comfortable cocoon to fade away in? Having health care under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as amended is not a major accomplishment in my life. Being able to live and even more importantly dream is far more important.

That is perhaps why I don't fit correctly.