One of the harder parts of being a federal civil servant is when we hit the anniversary of September 11, 2001. I unfortunately work for a civilian agency that has racked up a fairly high casualty count since 1995 counting the OKBOMB incident, the attack on New York City in 2001, the 2010 kamikaze crash attack in Austin, and worse. Apparently we are having a remembrance moment tomorrow.

Tomorrow is one of those days where I want to be as invisible as possible. Being in a public contact role makes that somewhat difficult. The clock continues to count down to another government shutdown and I end up pondering some days why I am a loyal trooper who keeps seeing these things out. I thought the honor/duty/country schtick was reserved for the military and law enforcement folks.

As mentioned somewhat obliquely previously it keeps looking like it is time to walk away from what I am doing now. I need to see about contacting the SBDC at some point this week.