We are well past the two hundred thousand mark for coronavirus fatalities in the United States of America. Ashtabula County finally advanced from Yellow to Orange on the alerting system due to a rise in non-congregate case counts as well as a rise in outpatient visits related to coronavirus issues. Things are starting to get bad again.

This is why I find it sickening to see people parrot the line that coronavirus is nothing to worry about since it has a survival rate purportedly exceeding ninety-nine percent. Heck, I can get that in the Sunday sermon at church! USA Today has an initial explanatory piece up as to why that view is incredibly deceptive. For the most part it is very wrong.

The better way to look at it is in the context of war casualties. USA Today talked about that too. It took four years during the Civil War of brutal warfare for the forces on the Union side to suffer 140,000 deaths. Again, that was four years. The coronavirus has caused 200,000 deaths in the United States in only six months. We may have lost just under a total of 300,000 troops and sailors in World War II but that took four years instead of the six months it has taken in the coronavirus crisis to lose 200,000.

Big numbers are hard for human beings to grasp. Ashtabula County's entire human population is estimated at roughly 100,000. We've lost the equivalent of Ashtabula County's population twice over in just six months. That's more death happening in a short time than we've seen from any war or natural disaster in the history of the United States of America.

Perhaps the systems collapse on the part of Google Thursday reported by the New York Times isn't such a bad thing if more services join them in downtime. Connecting the human population so closely so frequently can be a bad thing at times.