You know it is bad when I look for the directions on re-pointing my entry on Planet Ubuntu and instead first find things about liberation movements and investment clubs. I finally found a nice domain name to stick my blog behind. After consideration and tinkering with quite a bit of software my blog is migrated over to ikiwiki, of all things. Looking through the configuration file still shows me a bit of a graveyard of neglected blogs from yesteryear including things like Alan Pope’s blog found at

Not all of my prior blog posts have migrated all that well. The intermediate waypoint with chronicle was not a smooth stop. I will go with what I have, though.

Currently my laptop is running Xubuntu 19.04 without too many incidents. I have two droplets on Digital Ocean running with one on the LTS and one running 19.04. My main Raspberry Pi, a 3B+, is running Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2. I’m hanging out in the Ubuntu Podcast chatter on Telegram lately even though my contributions overall to the Ubuntu realm have been down. With work being utter chaos and my being increasingly senior due to increasing attrition I’m finding I can’t quite avoid responsibility lately.

I’ve written a post entitled Talking Filming which discusses an off-hours project I am working on. Eventually I need to get financial backing, form an LLP, and leave my day job as a civil servant. That is a matter to discuss more fully at another time, though.

As to An Introduction to C & GUI Programming, I am apparently the only person shown on LibraryThing owning a copy currently. I need to spend the time to read and apply the text. That is another off-hours project I need to get to.

For those who recall the madness related to my job at the beginning of the year, I can only say that it has not abated. We are on track for another catastrophe in due time. The only question is if it will be another lapse in appropriations as of the end of the day on September 30th or a “debt limit” crisis shortly before that.

Tomorrow is a new day, thankfully.