Sometimes I don’t have enough to write a single discrete blog post. Those times result in a miscellany of brief items. In no particular order:

  • My local member of the US House of Representatives held “open office hours” today locally. For British readers this is akin to a Member of Parliament holding a “surgery”. Strangely enough, I went and was seen. I had a “Memorandum Of Conversation” prepared relative to the points I needed to raise and his staff was appreciative. It was footnoted and full of background details for later staff review. I’m not sure I’ll see any action but out of my group I had the simplest presentation and the only one with concrete suggested courses of action included.

  • Feature Freeze and Debian Import Freeze are coming up later this week per the release schedule for Focal Fossa. If you’re not sure what a Feature Freeze happens to be, you should read the definition. This LTS release will come out after Easter the way the calendar falls.

  • Lent begins in much of the world with Ash Wednesday on February 26th. The cycles and seasons of the year continue to march ever onward.

  • The e-mail newsletter is continuing to go out. The most recent installment discussed why folks in the EU get 451 errors while trying to look at some US-based news websites. The newsletter is free to subscribe to, of course.

  • My broadband has been having sudden fade-outs locally as has the electricity service. Frankly I’m getting tired of listening to the UPS units scream and hear breakers pop when the power fails. Irritants like that are why I made the joke I did to my congressman earlier today which he thankfully understood and laughed at.

  • The laptop I am currently using is getting old which is resulting in compounding mechanical difficulties. To consider re-purposing Raspberry Pi hardware for mobile usage with it running Ubuntu appropriately is something I still have in mind. There is a relevant magazine article that I need to re-read. I don’t think the Adafruit DIY project has been updated for the Raspberry Pi 4, unfortunately.

  • After taking time to re-read ”How to develop your own document class — our experience”, I need to look at how to adapt a package from CTAN such as either newspaper or papertex. Then again, it would be odd if I said I was looking at trying to establish a print newsletter or other small press item at the immediate moment.

  • I know I wrote about the usage of Markdown in LaTeX not that long ago but I should state that TUGBoat, the publication of the TeX Users Group, had a nice article about the package recently.