I'll keep this blog post brief. Things got extremely traumatic at work today. I'm not sure how much more deadpan I could have been writing at Mastodon when I wrote:

How's my day going? The guy sitting next to me at this afternoon's staff meeting had a heart attack. We shouldn't be nearly that well-rehearsed at my workplace in handling such scenarios.

That's not hyperbole. The AED response was very quick. As you might guess the staff meeting pretty much could not continue.

Yes, I was in shock in the immediate aftermath. This processing year has been "legendary" and not in a good way by any stretch of imagination. I am trying to speed up my exit and it isn't getting much faster.

Upon exiting the service there are many projects that have to be undertaken. One relates to getting body weight under control and the bodyweight planner from NIDDK is very useful. There have been strong suggestions made to me by others as to what the effort should look like over the long term in terms of outcomes, though. The second is to put together some of the creative works and get them entered into film festivals simply to be able to network. The third is to resume freelance writing as well as perhaps resume podcasting.

As you might imagine this would all cause a massive drop in income compared to the steady General Schedule-based pay I get now. I still don't have it all figured out. Going it alone is probably not the best idea but I don't have any prospective general partners to bring aboard at this time. That may be something to fix on a more immediate basis, perhaps. The questions about "when are you ever going to start a family" aren't being interpreted as opportunities for package deals in seeking partners, mind you.

This has been a time of change. I just hope I am able to meet the challenges on a timely basis.