I am still alive. In a prior post I had mentioned that things had been changing rather rapidly. With a daily press conference by the Governor of Ohio there has been one new decree after another relative to the COVID-19 situation.

A "stay at home" order takes effect at 0359 hours Coordinated Universal Time on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. This is not quite a "lockdown" but pretty much has me stuck. The State of Ohio has resources posted as to economic help in this situation but they're also dealing with many multiple systems crashes as they try to react and some of their solutions are extremely bureaucratic.

Although I wanted to get started with doing daily livestream on Twitch there have been some logistical delays. I am also having to scrape together what equipment I do have at home to set up make-shift production capacity since our proper production facility is now inaccessible for the immediate future. There is an Amazon wish list of replacement items to try to fill in gaps if anybody feels generous though I am not sure when/if those would show up in the current circumstances. That's also why I'm having to encourage folks to either buy the Kindle version or buy the EPUB version of the novella since the print version is possibly not going to be available any time soon.

I have further testing of packages to do to see what I can make break. OBS Studio certainly does make the fan on my laptop go into high speed action. Life here at Main Mission is getting stranger by the day. With debating ensuing about the economic carnage leading to possible economic disaster, I can only note that I at least got this up shortly before we entered lockdown.

The stay-at-home order gets reassessed on April 6th. It technically has no expiration date to it currently so it can last legally until the current governor leaves office in 2023. I do hope we make progress in getting this mess resolved sooner rather than later.