In no particular order:

  • I finally got the Trade Name Registration certificate notification from the Ohio Secretary of State as well as the EIN issuance from the Internal Revenue Service today. Later on this week I need to go open a business bank account. Erie Looking Productions will need to grow and my current “day job” looks increasingly like it is in a bad position.

    • If people think the current chaos in the House of Commons at Westminster is bad, the federal government in the USA is set for yet another budget crisis plus a debt crisis in September. It is time to exit the insanity.

    • A “story treatment” was given to somebody to make a storyboard. Getting shown at the Dam Short Film Festival would be nice. F/LOSS tools would be used for production.

      • Eventually I intend to try Ubuntu Server installations to the three idle Raspberry Pi 3B+ boards. The ultimate goal there is for being able to offload video transcoding.

      • A subject matter has been selected that could easily be presented at somewhere like LibrePlanet or CCC. Until I leave my current job, I can’t go to those events. Trying to inject awareness of certain networking-related matters into the mainstream is what I’m limited to at this time.

    • The definition on file is “Media Arts Production”. That doesn’t limit me to making podcasts and other digital works. Making print materials in LaTeX is something I keep trying to increase my proficiency with.

  • The HDHomeRun receivers are still operating in the hazardous environment of the detached garage. This is good. Eventually a PVR computer will be mated up outside.

  • Radio reception has been horrible. Then again, sunspots are kinda missing too. Any SDR efforts are going to have to wait. I really want to get WEFAX reception up, if possible.

  • Is it time for me to set up a MediaGoblin instance?