In no particular order:

  • Stuart Langridge recently wrote a blog post about wanting to write more. I understand the feeling quite well. Granted, I have been looking at the 2020 edition of The Writer’s Market to see what outlets are still out there accepting pieces from freelancers. The first time I ever had a freelance piece published was way back in 1998 as I wrote newspaper stories printed in newsprint. I still do that off and on. Currently I have a fiction piece that is just under the SFWA word count definition for being a “novelette” so it is instead an overgrown short story. There is more writing to be done especially as that short story is launching a conceptual universe for me to work in.

  • To the extent that they can be, significant repairs to the television aerial mast are completed. The mast-mounted preamplifier appears to be damaged. I have that bypassed for now but that resulted in reduced signal reception. Eventually I will end up securing a new one. A new preamplifier is on the purchasing list for replacement equipment needs.

  • Paperwork as to my future continues to be processed down in Slippery Rock in the Iron Mountain range. My family thinks I am kidding when I say that the agency handling everything is working in an abandoned mine next to Iron Mountain Corporation. Apparently people have overlooked the relevant Washington Post article about the place. The article talks about retirement claims but other claims are also handled in that cave too.

  • I need to go to the gym more often.

  • Life does not feel particularly secure right now.

  • Access to “normal” television is restricted right now. We only have access to free streaming as well as what we can pull in via the antenna and we cannot get the full set of Over The Air stations out of Erie, Pennsylvania. Whenever money becomes available some time in the future I may purchase a season pass on iTunes to be able to catch up on the current season of Doctor Who though catching up on American Ninja War: USA versus The World may be trickier. Paying for subscription streaming services is outside any budget sources right now.

  • The easiest way to reach me at the moment is either via Telegram or via Skype.