In no particular order:

  • After fussing with it enough I was able to move the website for Erie Looking Productions over to a different provider. Eventually there will be an SSL certificate once that actually generates within the next day or so. The transition had a few too many moving parts to it which resulted in a bit of breakage. Fortunately the website wasn’t down too long.

  • I got word back that the almost-novella story I submitted for a contest didn’t make it to the list for judges to consider. It is a pretty big contest. The question now is what to do with the story. It is long enough that if I utilize the novel class in LuaLaTex with appropriate font choices and set my paper size wisely I could possibly make a print offering somewhere like Lulu and just release it as an independent pocket book as well as make an ebook offering on Leanpub. Since the story was originally written step-by-step in a gitit wiki I also ended up using the markdown package found on the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network to easily shift into submission format using the science fiction manuscripts class the raw text with some bash scripting and coreutils usage. Yes, it is happened to be a dirty hack that I’m not ready to stick on Launchpad anywhere but it worked nicely. No, pandoc was not used in this scenario.

  • So far none of the packages I have installed on my Focal Fossa machine have significantly broken on me. This is good. I have been using the machine for day to day use.

  • I’ve disappeared from IRC again as the droplet on Digital Ocean that had my ZNC bouncer had to be turned off. I’ll figure something out eventually and make a return when resources permit.

  • There may be a need for me to start a newsletter on tinyletter to try get familiar with the platform and otherwise be able to evaluate it. I cannot actually engage in podcasting right now for some ironic reasons. Considering that I cannot being on a microphone and outside being a writer or post-production editor it seems maintaining a newsletter would be an interesting side trip for now. We’ll see if I have to go ahead and launch that project. Watch this space for details…