In no particular order:

  • We had an electrical outage. It started shortly after 0030 and lasted until 1400 or so. While not amusing it was expected. Very high winds were happening overnight with some strong gusts at gale force strength. When you live in the deciduous forest you run the risks of trees coming down and taking out electrical lines. Quite a few trees came down.

  • WWOW also went down hard during the outage. I need to make some further inquiries. Depending upon the financial health of that station I might want to line up some partners. An unsolicited takeover bid could be worth trying, I think.

  • I have a fiction story draft submitted to an outlet for consideration. This outlet pays and that is a good thing. The hard part is hurrying up and waiting.

  • Snow is now in play. I am not amused.

  • I am supposed to note that the correct GnuPG key has been updated to pub rsa3072/e6688e6d00c62660676debea6c68fc8f7cd46ed6 2019-10-17T03:26:28Z Hash=cecc4f509e22b68a0811013de4bdd7dd

  • I can be reached via Telegram pretty easily right now. I do not want that to become the sole way to reach me via voice. Time will tell if things turn around economically.

  • No, I cannot afford to go back to school at this time. I have to spend some time getting health issues in order. The soonest that could begin would be June 2020. There are plenty of resources to review as well as lists of programs to consider at another time. Then, of course, there are some options already on the table to consider for M+18 and M+36.