At this point I had to rather severely roll back the laptop. Going back to the LTS was not my idea of fun but I need something functional at the moment. It took a few tries but I got the machine’s new SSH keys uploaded to Launchpad. From there I was able to log in to the console for each droplet on Digital Ocean to run ssh-import-id to pull the keys from Launchpad to each droplet. That ensured I can still SSH into each one and not otherwise be locked out.

My vanilla TeX Live 2019 install didn’t go kaboom. That is good.

I have been able to move over to multiple snap packages on 18.04 and this will be a good thing at the moment. One of those is the Telegram snap. I still have to fix issues to ensure I transition over to the Chromium snap.

Remaining reset matters include getting the array of Mutt-related settings back in place. Unfortunately there are several e-mail accounts associated with me. I generally have to approach them one at a time in Mutt to keep things relatively sane. I have the set of muttrc files that get cycled through backed up but I cannot find the media upon which I stashed them…at least for the moment.

I had to generate a new GnuPG key since I could not denounce the prior key. The new key can be found out there. I’m just going to have to roll with it, alas. This current key has a 12 month validity to it.

With luck I can get everything back on track. I do have OBS installed from snap now. I just have to figure out what to do with this, alas.