When my laptop started failing at a task earlier today I frankly was in a panic. I was burning an optical disc of source documents to take to city hall to attempt to drop off for the finance department. Their JavaScript-laden PDF file that they call their calculating income tax form crashed on me a few times. I decided I would let them have a try. The burn worked right on the second try but it was still very disconcerting.

To briefly reference the world of Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels, I am in a situation where the tech I have on-hand is all I've got. If it breaks I may be unable to fix it or replace it at this point. Amazon is presently prioritizing medical supplies and household staples in their deliveries. Adafruit Industries in order to stay open has shifted over to making parts for medical devices to the exclusion of their previous lines of business for now. Apple retail is closed for the time being although they are shipping online orders. Micro Center is locked down with very restricted hours and I have a very narrow window each week day to put in an order for parts since the lockdown order means I cannot go visit them in-person. BestBuy.com is available for orders but usually has a far more limited selection of parts than you would sometimes expect. Any orders made are not expected to arrive on a timely basis.

I've been taking stock of what equipment I do have on-hand to ensure I have continuity. If the laptop bites the bullet I'll be falling back to using my iPad mini 4 with a Bluetooth keyboard and mostly using an SSH client on it to log in to a couple headless units. There is a Raspberry Pi 3B+ that is running Ubuntu MATE 18.04.x that I do not have the kit to convert to being a mobile unit or a laptop-type unit. There is a BBC Micro board that hasn't been deployed yet for any purpose. There is an RTL SDR dongle that needs proper utilization that I haven't figured out what to do with yet.

I haven't accomplished much this week during the lockdown other than getting a lot of cleaning done. Frankly anxiety has had me shut down. I've been trying to do other things but have not been succeeding. Bashing out this blog post has been rough as it is.

I really need to read the book on C programming. I really need to gear up to start streaming on Twitch by Sunday morning. Right now I am not improvising, not adapting, and not overcoming. I need to fix that.

Thread is falling and I don't want to be a catcher for it…