Previously I produced podcasts for almost six years in the early days of podcasting. I've had to step aways from that for almost six years by dint of being a working fed. With as crazy as things have gotten being part of the civil service I have been having to assess making changes in life. One way to go would be to pick back up things I have had to set aside such as media production like what was done under the aegis of Erie Looking Productions.

This weekend has been KCRW's Radio Race. Soundcloud has an entire playlist of 2018's participant tracks posted that can be listened to. The submission from Erie Looking Productions is posted to Soundcloud now. We were supposed to use as part of the competition as they happened to be a sponsor using machine learning for transcription services. I can't easily link to that and frankly was not amused with what is spit out in terms of machine recognition of my voice. How many different ways do you think the place name of Ashtabula could be mis-transcribed?

What are the next steps? The judges in California will be listening to three hundred some odd entries this week. Finalists will be announced next week. In two weeks we'll know who the winners are. Although placing would be great I'm just glad we were able to show that we could do what was essentially a cold restart after way too long in mothballs.

Between now and the end of September we have two short film projects we have to finish up. One will be going to the Dam Short Film Festival while one will go to MidWest WeirdFest. These are cold restart efforts as well. A documentary short is in the works for the call for WeirdFest while what is essentially an experimental piece is being finished up for Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City. It is not as if we'll be shooting for a showing at the Ely Central Theatre on the single screen there but Boulder City is a suburb of Las Vegas with a wee bit more population than Ely.

We've also done some minor support work to back up a vendor presenting at the Music Along The River 2019 festival by helping them create nice marketing collateral.

A former Secretary of State and former Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall, is quoted as saying that the power to tax is the power to destroy. That's still very true in the USA today. Slowly but surely I am trying to transition out of a job rooted in Marshall's view of destruction to something a bit more constructive.

Xubuntu and Ubuntu MATE have been there to make these recent efforts happen far more easily than I otherwise thought possible. I need to give more back to the team. There are just a few more barriers that have to be knocked down first.