Even though it feels at points as if nobody reads this, I did want to communicate that there are prayer needs on the homefront. Things are most definitely not okay. In no particular order:

  • One younger sibling has a cancerous lesion on a kidney and will be confronting surgery in November to have that handled.
  • My father just had to have a computer-aided tomography scan to see if the prostate cancer is coming back. No, we do not have results yet. I only just drove him to the test on Friday.
  • I can’t find peace. Even though I am working on building up the number of therapy pathways I’m having very bad mental health days that are getting worse. When you don’t have mental health issues in check that can lead to physical health deteriorating which in my case it has.
  • I’ve been getting very anxious and afraid lately. Slowly but surely I’ve been eliminating any general online presence for myself and have left mostly specialized presences up such as my LibraryThing profile, my somewhat incorrect subscriptions page on gpodder.net that may be supplanted in terms of correctness by a certain git repository, my git repositories on Launchpad, a user profile on Telegram, the Erie Looking Productions website which needs upgrading, and the still-running experiment known as my Identica pump.io profile.

If you’re of the praying type, please pray. There is plenty of storm and stress at the moment.