I was expecting to have a bit more time than this to get ready. According to a transcript of today's unexpected press conference by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine found here, Governor DeWine apparently has a set of metrics he and his team are watching relative to having to reimpose lockdown measures. Apparently we will find out on Thursday what the lockdown reimposition metrics thresholds will look like.

Coronavirus cases are spiking badly in Cuyahoga, Hamilton, and Montgomery counties. That is to say things are looking dire in metro Cincinnati and in Cleveland as well as its immediate suburbs. The increase in hospital and ICU admissions across Ohio are not pleasing the Governor either.

There are still preparatory actions to complete on my part. I need to get an antenna preamp yet to mount on the television mast. A couple more uninterruptible power supplies would be helpful. I need to get the front porch fixed. Some camera and camcorder items need to be replaced and replenished.

On the wish list is seeing about rigging up independent C-band/Ku-band reception capability. At a minimum there has to be reception capability in position for receiving NASA TV without requiring Internet access or a paid service. That there is a horrible thought percolating about using that in conjunction with mesh networking and other commodity hardware to try to build a limited digital community IPTV is left for another time. I still haven't figured that out yet and I do think most of whta I'm looking at is proprietary.

We shall see what erupts? I do not want to be caught in a fast-moving shutdown like we saw happen in mid-March. That was bad…