In no particular order:

  • I spent a little time fiddling with HDHomeRun reception tied to an over the air antenna pointed toward southwest Ontario. Results were mixed. Propagation has been a bit odd with heliophysics being off lately. You can follow me on Mastodon as well as many Ubuntu-related friendlies on a separate server in the decentralized federated environment.

  • Eventually I will get the script written for the short film I intend to enter into the Dam Short Film Festival near Hoover Dam in Boulder City, Nevada. A combination of LaTeX, git, Launchpad, imagination, and ingenuity might actually help me get the script written. Making the film is the challenge yet to come, though.

  • I am apparently still reachable via Telegram if anybody wants to call.

  • I’m still boggled by the varieties of non-free Javascript utilized in this Bodyweight Planner put forward by an entity in the US Department of Health and Human Services. It isn’t a bad tool, mind you. Having a disconnected tool would be nicer, though. Major storms rolled through on Saturday morning causing power disruptions and some felled trees damaging houses. Life in the deciduous forest is rough.

  • Work has been a bit disturbing lately. When you’re left contemplating the questions I have been stuck with generally major life changes end up happening. I don’t like where things have wound up lately. I threw three job inquiries in the mail Saturday and since attending OggCamp is looking outside my grasp I won’t be floating CV/resume documents there, alas. No, things are not okay right now.

  • The reported breakage suffered in the keyserver network was not fun to read about Saturday at all.

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