Coming up this weekend is KCRW's 7th Annual 24-Hour Radio Race. The last communication that I have had from organizers is that nearly 300 teams have registered. The event is not limited to the United States and historically teams from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom have also participated. Teams will be judged on their creativity, storytelling skills, technical skills, and incorporation of the theme in producing a radio feature that does not exceed four minutes in length. What makes this a race is that the theme will not be announced to participants until 1700 UTC on Saturday, August 10, 2019. Participants would have 24 hours from that point to then produce their pieces and then submit them through the designated means for consideration. KCRW is an affiliate of National Public Radio based in Santa Monica.

I have put together a squad from Erie Looking Productions to participate in the event. We are as ready as we can be. I will be conducting preaching on Sunday morning as part of the church's domestic mission outreach but that shouldn't cut into production. I am used to have to prepare on short notice various production pieces such as sermons so I have been operating for some time in the paradigm this sort of an event requires, I hope.

What tools will be in play? More than like a mix of LaTeX, Mousepad, Audacity, ffmpeg, Firefox, and countless others from the repositories while we may end up trying out the imagniary-teleprompter snap this time around. Also in play will be more traditional microphones, mixers, and quite possibly honest to goodness tape recorders depending upon how we structure the production plan.

For now, I get to wait. I originally started writing this blog post Friday night and apparently fell asleep at the keyboard. I won't be nodding off during this event.