On a couple Telegram channels I have been radio silent for a couple days. I've gone silent elsewhere too. There has been a reason for this.

The health departments of Ashtabula County issued a stay at home advisory on Friday late in the day. Residents are advised to stay home as much as possible. There is also a statewide curfew in effect running from 10 PM to 5 AM each day.

This has required some hurried changes in operational circumstances. Twelve counties in Ohio have issued advisories and they general expire in mid-December. While compliance is notionally voluntary there is discussion of switching to enforced orders if this does not work out.

I now have to get a sermon written as well as a service planned so that "stay at home" services can be filmed. Considering that I am having to make hand-me-down analog tech do what I want this is not simple. That I am working out of my garage also compounds the level of difficulty.

Writing continues although I am definitely not meeting the NaNoWriMo usual daily word count goals. My target is to have a new novelette to go up on Kindle Direct Publishing at the start of December. Eventually I will get a Minimum Working Example posted as to how I am putting this together in LaTeX.

There was a project to launch a linear streaming video channel for the arts in my local area. Right now we have many multiple uncoordinated efforts strewn across YouTube. With YouTube's upcoming Terms of Service changes it does seem like the risk of uncontrolled inappropriate mid-roll advertising is increasing. This matter is on hold at the moment as other players in the project are having to handle more pressing matters due to the rapidly worsening coronavirus situation locally.

A few other plates are spinning at the moment too. In the end that's why I've been a bit quiet. A holiday or two may be coming up but it is not shaping up to be a vacation for me.