Relevant Prior Post: RansomwareBites20191008

Previously I wrote concerning WWOW being literally off the air. The 1360 kilohertz radio dial spot still has no AM radio carrier at all. I finally found a “trades” story where somebody talks about the situation.

Purportedly the ransomware attack hit on October 5th. It is now very early on October 14th. That is very important when it comes to the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.

47 CFR 73.1740(a)(4) states:

In the event that causes beyond the control of a licensee make it impossible to adhere to the operating schedule of this section or to continue operating, the station may limit or discontinue operation for a period of not more than 30 days without further authority from the FCC. Notification must be sent to the FCC in Washington, D.C. not later than the 10th day of limited or discontinued operation. During such period, the licensee shall continue to adhere to the requirements in the station license pertaining to the lighting of antenna structures. In the event normal operation is restored prior to the expiration of the 30 day period, the licensee will so notify the FCC of this date. If the causes beyond the control of the licensee make it impossible to comply within the allowed period, informal written request shall be made to the FCC no later than the 30th day for such additional time as may be deemed necessary.

The key here is the 10 day mark. We have not hit that yet. A review of the license file does not show a notification being made early but the 10 day mark runs into Tuesday.

This is mightily bothersome.

Here’s what we have left for functioning radio stations in the Emergency Alert System net within Ashtabula County that I can identify:

  • WFUN — 970 kHz AM
  • WKSV — 89.1 MHz FM
  • WCVJ — 90.1 MHz FM
  • WREO — 97.1 MHz FM
  • WZOO — 102.5 MHz FM
  • WKKY — 104.7 MHz FM
  • WFXJ — 107.5 MHz FM
  • KEC58 — 162.400 MHz FM

As one might imagine, that is quite a subset of the list of stations shown in the Wikipedia listing of stations in the Ashtabula radio market.

I need to move some plans along based upon this.