There is supposed to be a primary election today. Due to some bizarre legal wrangling including an order declaring a public health emergency at each individual polling place in the state the election is now canceled. Purportedly voting by mail will continue although there is no legal basis for this whatsoever. These tactics by leadership of the state government are vaguely similar to those used in the Civil Rights Era to deprive people of the ability to vote which is probably why I feel so upset and uneasy at this hour.

Stuart Langridge has a piece up about online ordering. I am glad he has that option available. On Monday I visited the Dollar General store in the county seat to purchase razors. They had plenty of razors and indeed had them on discount. No toilet paper could be found there, though. The COVID-19 situation is getting ridiculous in terms of the panic exhibited by the general public. Right now mail delivery is getting sketchy and the frequency of seeing FedEx and UPS making deliveries is decreasing. UberEats doesn’t really do anything around here and I haven’t seen pizza delivery people out in my neighborhood.

There is a long road along and it does not look pretty. There was supposed to be an additional post about the “Storytime Emergency Service” work-in-progress but due to rapidly changing circumstances I am having to re-work that already. Much like one of the co-owners of the Winking Lizard chain of restaurants and taverns I am getting concerned that the Governor of Ohio is disregarding too readily the collateral economic damage he is causing.