An application for business counseling was entered with the nearest Ohio Small Business Development Center network location. Primarily this was for the purposes of seeking counsel and advice on seeking capital. Capital is desperately needed to get things off the ground sufficiently so that I can abandon my regular wage-paid job. Although there is a Liberapay profile set up at that has not brought in anything at this time. Conceivably things could be set up on PayPal but that takes time to re-compute.

I fiddled today with trying to figure out how to do podcasting with ikiwiki. It seems a bit more complicated than I like. This requires further research. CacheFly has podcasting CDN services available that are a wee bit of overkill. LibSyn has a USD$5 monthly deal to start with too. I suppose I could spin up Yet Another Droplet too. There is still a wee bit much to consider on that front.