In no particular order:

  • People are driving wildly locally. I am getting rattled while trying to drive my station wagon. I am not liking this.
  • Per the combined WOIO/WUAB newsroom, the city authorities in Dayton in southwest Ohio adopted a municipal mask requirement in response to the COVID-19 situation. Although the governor is encouraging other municipalities to adopt such requirements there is a strong possibility we will not see such adopted here in Ashtabula. With the problems in the city budget and the recent cut backs there may not be enough police available in the city to enforce such a requirement. None of the local townships have the statutory authority to adopt such a requirement and they govern a majority of the 700+ square miles of county territory.
  • If you search nature coronavirus diabetes in Bing you get wildly inappropriate search results relative to depression. That's not at all what I was looking for! I actually needed an article from the publication Nature. It was found eventually.
  • The nice factcheck people at USA Today looked into the entire notion of COVID-19 potentially causing diabetes in recovered patients. Survey says? True seemingly.
  • When people complain that COVID-19 is not bad due to the low fatality rate I do think they need to reconsider that. That the virus trashes the pancreas in a large number of recovered patients to the point that they require insulin to survive essentially sentences them to a slow, drawn-out death if the brand new diabetes issue is not brought under control quickly. The cognitive impairment issues raised in this BBC report are terrifying.
  • Apparently the GNU Image Manipulation Program does not play nicely running via an X11 server in conjunction with Ubuntu 20.04 utilizing Windows Subsystem for Linux. I may have to content myself with making changes to images simply using Imagemagick on the command line for now within WSL2.
  • Contingency plans are being refreshed since we're moving past simple gloom and doom from me to where news outlets like Fox 8 talking about the possibility of lockdown being reimposed and looking at the nasty numbers which show Ashtabula County in a pretty strange position.
  • We're having a national shortage in coinage? What a stupid time to be alive…