Yeah. Jonah announced that the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was canceled. The matter was also talked about in Variety, Den of Geek, AV Club.

Netflix killed the revival. I do not know what their motives are in what they’re doing. They do not pay a dividend to their shareholders. Their 2018 earnings per share were 2.78 basic and 2.68 diluted. Their net income for the year was only USD$1.21 billion. In contrast the same year net income for Apple for USD$59.53 billion with earnings per share 12.01 basic and 11.01 diluted. Apple does pay a dividend. Netflix still pedals forward for now but with the big price tags involved in making content a couple wrong turns could set it back rather hard rather quickly.

I’m not sure Mystery Science Theater 3000 would’ve been the thing to do that, though. The realignment of the service as various properties are being lost to other platforms does not bode well. What does it have in terms of drawing factors? It appears that Frasier will depart Netflix at the end of the year among other big departures.

Shout Factory participated in the re-launch Kickstarter. Shout Factory has its own streaming channel. There is a natural home for moving Mystery Science Theater 3000 for its thirteenth season and beyond. The channel is ad-supported and functional now. They have their own production capability as they participated in producing the 11th and 12th seasons. The big question is how this would be financed.

No, I don’t have any inside track. I can look at the players involved and try to think about it, though. Shout Factory proudly listed in their company history that they were part of the production. There can be some hope with them looking for a Digital Video Projects Coordinator that they’re bringing in the needed people for such a thing.

217 episodes isn’t a bad number. Felicia and Jonah need to be on-screen more. Heck, just have the host segments with the two of them doing back and forth…it would be better than some of the crap being shoveled on TV right now.

The state of our media right now is not good. Jonah and Felicia were making something decent in concert with Joel. We need more of that in our world.