There are days that Facebook frankly drives me batty with how it tries to combat disinformation and misinformation. The innocent get swept up in their efforts too. Posting a link with explanatory text results in something that cannot be properly shared now as somebody who attempts to share it ends up sharing only the link but not your explanatory text.

That’s why this blog post is written. It is self-contained and explains the situation. Hopefully the title is enough to indicate what is happening. The print versions of the first story and the second story got sale pricing for the holiday season. They make cute stocking stuffers and are nice, fun reads.

I am working on the third story. It is a harder one to write. The United States Space Force is finally being stood up concretely in real life. Frankly the shape it is taking is weird. The mission it is undertaking is far less than some people dreamed up. The thanks can go to Congress for strangling something as it is being born. The incoming Biden administration does not really have any policies announced relative to Space Force so it is questionable as to its survival. The third story is focusing on what an actual mission would look like in our current reality at the least.