BOFH excuse #86:

Runt packets

/!\ Previously I noted in writing that work matters were unstable due to circumstances outside my control. Now that some votes were taken I can at least say that some forms of murkiness have been clarified. Unfortunately they have not been clarified in a fashion favorable to me. /!\

At this point I expect to be in layoff from my regular job at the end of this month. I won't be going back to work until January 2020. Due to the shenanigans at the start of the year over the 35 day government shutdown almost all of us in my particular job position were eliminated from unemployment compensation eligibility. As you might imagine that is a somewhat awful economic position to be in.

Since January I have been working hard on laying the legal groundwork for self-employment. I have it finished for the most part. This is a nice side effect of being trained in tax law at government expense…to administer tax law. Sometimes I can actually put the knowledge to use to protect myself even when it will feel like I am getting kicked to the curb by my job.

Erie Looking Productions is expected to ramp up to full operational status as of September 1st. This does not necessarily mean that I'm simply moving back behind a microphone to resume podcasting. The production work has expanded a bit over the years.

Right now we're finishing up work to support another annual installment of the Music Along The River festival in Harpersfield. The work this year involves physical promotional collateral being produced. In prior years efforts have involved producing radio ads, print materials, and more.

KCRW's Radio Race will be coming up this weekend. Although it will be the seventh running of the event it will be the first attempt on our part to enter. Although we haven't been able to do regular audio feature producing for a few years we are looking at it like falling off a bicycle. This will be useful practice in terms of resuming operations.

Work on the submission for the Dam Short Film Festival continues. The initial narration track has been record. There is further work to be done in preparing the practical set for filming as there is construction work to be done. We have some foley concerns we still have to puzzle out.

Work on the submission for the MidWest WeirdFest is progressing in fits and starts. There have been some very frustrating moments putting things together since the video shoots are done. I miss the days when I handled editing video with an analog editing deck. Those days were simpler. The documentary short still needs narration written and even though the general gist is agreed something still has to be actually written.

Currently operating funds are being sought to keep things running while I try to build up a client/customer base. Contributions are always accepted via Liberapay, PayPal, and other means will be available once I figure out how to use the APIs available from my commercial bank. Yes, my smaller US-based bank has APIs available for small businesses to use so that they don't have to fuss with Stripe and the like.

And if anybody asks, my dream feature film that I would want to make would be something akin to Doctor Who's UNIT years but with aesthetic choice of filming in grayscale. If I couldn't film, I would produce an audio drama. There are many things you could do in that paradigm, I think.